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1. You caught me at the most vulnerable part of my life. I had never been more alone and I felt as though no one would ever love me. You showed me the strongest love I have ever felt. I took you for granted, I was too unhappy in myself to see how amazing you are. Know this: I felt what you felt. It was young, reckless and impulsive. I loved every minute of it. And I loved you.

2. You broke my heart. I wanted so much from you and I was ready to give it all up for you. You weren’t ready, and I think the sense of rejection I felt from this is what hurt the most. The love I have for you is the most real and pure I have ever felt. I think about you every day. Consciously, I understand that you will never give yourself to me but that understanding doesn’t stop me from hoping that every time I see you, you’ll realise that we are fate.

3. I think I saw the real you, and that made me fall in love with you. I could see the goodness in you every time I looked in your eyes. I was in awe of you. You were so secure, so strong willed. Being around you was a double edged sword because the deeper I fell in love with you, the more insecure I felt about myself. I aspire to be like you. I still feel a genuine admiration and love for you.

I believe that it’s important to acknowledge the milestones in your life. The road we walk is scattered with souls that we either find a home in or learn from and continue on. In order to understand our lives, we need to be honest about what we feel.


I’ve always loved Deepak. I’ve also read a fair amount of Ekhart Tolle, purely for the flair in his writing. Although, I will say that one of he most life changing books I’ve read is “Drink, Smoke, Pass Out” by Judith Lucy. Hilariously insightful.